Q: Other than my cat, what do I need to bring from home for the cat?

A: You will need to bring enough food for the duration of the stay, along with some extra just in case (1-2 days extra is good).  Leftover food will be sent home with you at the end of the stay.  It would also be good if you brought an item that smelled like home (a towel, shirt, their bed).  If possible, bring their bedding.  If you would like your cat brushed, bring their brush.  We do not use a “common” (shared) brush for all the cats.  Also, bring a toy they might like to have in their condo (not necessary, but you know your cat!).  Your cat will need to be transported using a car carrier, which you may leave with us if you wish.

Q: What will the cattery provide?

A: The cattery will provide the dishes for your cats’ food/water, as well as a litter pan with litter.  We will have bedding available if you forget to bring theirs, for a $2 fee (it must be cleaned before being used by the next cats).  We will gladly bring out the treats every day as well!

Q: Does my cat need to be vaccinated?

A: Yes.  We will not accept cats who have not received their RCP (feline distemper combination) and Rabies shots.   If they have not received these shots and you fully intend to have them done prior to boarding, we ask that you discuss this with your vet prior to their visit.  This way the shots can take full effect.  You will need to bring the veterinary paperwork to show that they are up to date.  Feline Leukemia is an optional vaccination and we suggest discussing this with your veterinarian.

Q: What about the cat being spayed or neutered?

A: We will only accept cats that have been spayed or neutered.

Q: How far in advance should I book my reservation?

A: We recommend calling at least a month in advance for major holidays and anytime school is out of session.  The shorter notice you give, the more likely you might end up on the waiting list.  However, no one is given special treatment on the waiting list so it comes down to who got on the list first.

Q: Do all the cats just run loose at some point in the day?

A: No.  Only a select number of cats are let out at a time, and are monitored to ensure they are getting along.  Some cats or owners might be unnerved by this social interaction and therefore their cats will be let out to play alone.  Groups of cats belonging to the same family will be let out as a family, without other cats.

Q: What exactly is a cat condo?

A: Our spacious cat condos are designed to allow a cat to eat and sleep away from their litter box.  The bottom floor is the litter box and the exhaust ventilation (we provide the litter + box); the second floor is the food (we provide the dishes), and the top two floors are for beds.  Giving your cat the choice of which shelf to sleep on is something we think is important.  There are two different condo options:  the standard condos (1-2 cats) and the family condos (2-4 cats).  See pricing page for rates!

Q: What should I be prepared for on the day I bring you my cat?

A: We have found that cats are better to travel here on a light stomach. Feeding can occur once they arrive and this may save you from a wet clean up in the carrier.

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